LEXION 700 Series.

Built on experience.

LEXION 700 Series.

Built on experience.

CLAAS POWER SYSTEMS. Committed to maximum performance.

At CLAAS, machine development means an ongoing effort to achieve even greater efficiency and reliability, as well as greater profitability, in the field. Of course, this applies to all aspects of a CLAAS combine. For us, CLAAS POWER SYSTEMS is of critical importance – and includes much more than just a powerful engine.


CLAAS POWER SYSTEMS lead the industry in fuel efficiency. All LEXION combine engines are Tier 4f compliant and are equipped with DYNAMIC COOLING.

LEXION model780TT/780760TT/760750TT/750740TT/740730
Engine manufacturerMercedes-Benz (OM 473/15.6/Tier 4)Caterpillar (C13/12.5 l/ Tier 4)Caterpillar (C13/12.5 l/ Tier 4)Caterpillar (C13/12.5 l/ Tier 4)Mercedes-Benz (OM 470/10.6/Tier 4)
Rated power (hp/kW)570/425503/375456/340402/300349/260
Power Bulge (hp/kW)617/460543/405496/370436/325368/280
Fuel tank capacity

Cooling system.

The DYNAMIC COOLING system pulls cool, clean air from above the combine through the radiator coolers and out the vents in the side panels - forcing dust and debris away from the combine to keep the entire cooling system and air filter clean longer. The DYNAMIC COOLING fan speed adjusts automatically to the engine temperature (hotter = faster; cooler = slower), conserving power for more efficient operation.

Ground drive.


The TERRA TRAC is a CLAAS exclusive that has been available on LEXION combines for more than 20 years and has evolved to keep up with the demands of owners and operators. The TERRA TRAC is fully suspended to ensure leading ride quality while maintaining a high level of floatation and maneuverability.

  • Designed specifically for use on LEXION combines to ensure more reliable and efficient operation
  • Hydro-pneumatic cylinders ensure the most comfortable ride on the roughest terrain
  • Up to 25 mph transport speed reduces travel time between fields

4-link rear axle.

Developed and patented by CLAAS, the LEXION combine’s 4-link axle is the industry’s first suspended rear combine axle. The 4-link axle is designed to improve steering efficiency and maneuverability on the larger chassis 760 and 780 combines, and sets a new standard for combine steering axles. The 730-750 combines are equipped with the Center Link pivoting rear axle. Both axles use a large central steering cylinder.


The rear wheel assist system was designed by CLAAS specifically for LEXION combines to increase tractive power and to increase stability when harvesting in soft, muddy ground conditions or extremely rolling or steep terrain.