LEXION 700 Series.

Built on experience.

LEXION 700 Series.

Built on experience.

Crop flow. Committed to productivity.


The feederhouse options available for the LEXION combine contain features needed for keeping the header shaving the ground, efficient feeding, and operator comforts.

  • Standard feederhouse: Fixed faceplate
  • HP feederhouse: Pivoting faceplate allows for 19 degrees of fore/aft tilt, all from the comfort of the operator's seat

Both feederhouses feature:

  • AUTO CONTOUR: Largest range of lateral tilt in the industry to ensure no crop is left uncut
  • Consistent feed-to-thresh ratio: Feed width is the same width as threshing to keep a consistent crop thickness for the most efficient transfer of crop (CLAAS exclusive)
  • Integrated feederhouse brake

Threshing and separation.


The APS HYBRID SYSTEM is the industry’s highest capacity processor, created by combining our proven APS threshing technology with our high-capacity rotor separation system, ROTO PLUS.

  • Independent threshing and separation control allows the operator to fine-tune the combine's systems independently to accommodate the most challenging field conditions (CLAAS exclusive)
  • Industry's largest processor enables you to keep up with high yields and increasing demands. (CLAAS exclusive)
  • Lever operated dis-awning plates, easy to change grates and hydraulic rotor cover plates controlled from the cab make changing between crops and conditions much easier with less downtime
  • Automated rotor speed and rotor flap adjustment possible via CEMOS AUTO SEPARATION

Cleaning system.


The JET STREAM cleaning system is designed specifically to match the capacity of the APS HYBRID SYSTEM to generate the wind necessary for high capacity cleaning. Segmented turbine fans distribute air more evenly over the full width of the cleaning system and generate greater pressure per rpm resulting in a wider range of adjustability.

  • Cascade pre-cleaner
  • Extra-long upper sieve area
  • High performance turbine fans
  • Grain loss sensors angled inward to retain the grain passing beyond the upper sieve
  • Automated fan speed and lower/upper sieve adjustment possible via CEMOS AUTO CLEANING
  • Automated fan speed adjustment possible via CEMOS AUTO SLOPE

Grain handling.

After threshing, separation and cleaning are complete, clean grain is collected in the large grain tank. With standard power-folding steel extensions and up to 385 bu (13,500 l), the LEXION combine's grain tank ensures leading productivity during harvest.

LEXION model780TT/780760TT/760750TT/750740TT/740730
Grain tank capacity (bu/l)780: 360/12,800
780TT: 385/13,500

760: 360/12,800
760TT: 385/13,500




Unloading rate (bu/l sec)3.8/1303.8/130

2.8/90 Rice

2.8/90 Rice

2.8/90 Rice

Residue management.

CLAAS offers four residue management systems with almost endless options and conveniences to fit all your residue management needs: PRO CHOP, TURBO CHOP, Standard Chopper, and Straw Spreaders.

Available in-cab conveniences include:

  • Stationary knife and friction floor engagement
  • Spreading / windrowing adjustment
  • Spread width adjustment
  • Spread direction adjustment
  • Overlap adjustment
  • Automatic side-wind / slope compensation.